Emergency Plumbing Repair in Sacramento, CA

A kitchen that has been flooded due to a leaky or broken pipe.

We’re There In Emergencies

Although there are many plumbing companies in the area, they will not always answer the phone when you are facing an emergency situation. You don’t have to be concerned about that if you work with us at Absolute Rooter & Plumbing however. Our team is devoted to being there for you for Emergency Plumbing Repair in Sacramento, CA, and we will always get back to you right away, no matter the hour.

Let us aid in emergencies, whether you have a leak or a busted pipe. There are many ways in which we can help, and we will help you quickly, in many situations. Work with us by calling 916-899-0490 when you need our support.

Plumbing Emergencies

You may not know what constitutes a plumbing emergency. One thing that is considered quite important is a leak that is more than just a drip. For instance, if you notice that there is a leak coming from underneath your sink and it is affecting a large area of your bathroom, this is something that is an emergency. If you smell gas in your home, this is another reason to call a plumber, even if it is after normal business hours. Moreover, if your toilet is clogged and backing up into the floor, this is the type of situation you will need help with. When you encounter any of these situations, you can turn to Absolute Rooter & Plumbing to get assistance with Emergency Plumbing Repair in Sacramento, CA as soon as possible.

Slab Leaks

Another situation where time is of the essence is in the event of a slab leak. This type of leak occurs within the slab, or the concrete foundation of your home, so if pipes are damaged or broken within this area, it can be bad news for the integrity of your home. This is why you need to have it investigated whenever you suspect that something isn’t right. If you are not in the habit of looking around your slab, make a point to start doing so.

Video Inspections

It can be difficult to see all the pipes that are around your home. This is why plumbers use special tools to view certain areas. We have cameras that are able to see directly into your pipes, so we will know the condition of them in real time. This allows us to approach the repairs in the best way possible and in a manner that will not cause further damage.

Pipe Repair and Replacement

Anytime there is a damaged pipe that needs to be fixed or replaced, this is something that we have plenty of experience with. In some cases, pipes need to be fixed right away, but other times, they can be patched and repaired completely in the morning. Either way, we will always do everything we can to make sure that your pipes will work as intended until the situation can be looked at more closely. We want you and your family to be safe and not have to worry about your pipes all night.

Anytime Service

When it comes to helping in an emergency situation, we are always on call. Even if you get our answering machine, we will get back to you in a timely manner when it counts. You should trust us for Emergency Plumbing Repair in Sacramento, CA, and let us show you why we are a trusted plumbing company in the area. Contact us by calling 916-899-0490.